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This has nothing to do with my own fan fiction... sort of. It's basically just a small, tiny, insignifigant rant on the fan fiction community as a whole. Ignore me if you wish.

Why are people so obsessed with Canon? I mean, I hate stories where characters are WILDLY out of character too, but why can't writers stretch their imaginations as well as the limits of these characters? If I want to write a story about Draco and Hermione having a serious relationship, why is that so wrong? Just because they've never been together in the books doesn't mean it couldn't happen given the right circumstances.

In actuality, people will do ANYTHING given the right motivation.

I'm not saying that stories about Harry becoming a rapist because his advances were spurned by a certain girl are COOL. I'm just saying that if a writer can come up with a plausible way for one of our beloved characters to change a little and GROW, why is that so wrong? Change is a good thing.

I mean, come on... I respect canon as much as the next girl, but even WRITING fan fiction about these characters is going against it. You change them simply by using them. And everyone's take on the characters in the books is different anyway, so what IS canon? If you ask me, a lot is up to the interpretation of the person reading the story.

There ARE facts, I know. But it just seems to me that people are too quick to jump on good writers who simply want to exercise their creative freedom. There is a middle ground here. There always is one. It's just a matter of finding it.

*grits teeth and begins the long, arduous search*
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