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Borrowed Blades

...Blood On The Ground...

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This community was created for aspiring writers to post their fan fiction or fan fiction related poetry. I believe in promoting an atmosphere of support and free thinking so that everyone can be encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.


1. Everything from G to NC-17 works are accepted. If you are under the proper age limit for your country, I'm sorry, but I have to ask you to go elsewhere.

2. Het and slash and everything in between (male/female, male/male, female/female, whatever) is accepted here. No bashing of pairings is allowed. Everything is accepted, and everything will be respected. I'm not overly fond of flamers or bigots - and that goes for you het-bashers out there as well. If you can't accept someone else's pairings or at least keep a civil tongue in your head, then you're out. End of story.

3. This is for fan fiction only! All fandoms are accepted, but no original stories, please. If you would like to post your original works, join our sister-journal Serving the Sword.

4. No insulting or flaming another person. I know this seems like a redundant rule, but I want to be very, very clear - respect each other. Please. It isn't that hard to be nice, is it?

5. Please post all stories as a link or behind an lj cut. Be sure to include the story title, rating, and any warnings in your post. For poetry, unless your poem contains violent or sexual imagery, or references to 'adult' subject matter (incest, child abuse, torture, basically anything that couldn't be written in a PG-13 story), no rating or warnings are neccessary. Slash, as I consider it as normal as het, does NOT need to be listed as a warning in an otherwise 'regular' poem, nor does it require the poem to automatically be rated as 'adult'.

I think that's it. I know it seems like a lot of rules, but I just want this community to be as positive and encouraging as possible. You can always email me at darthelwig@yahoo.com. I will answer questions (usually) and try to get back to you promptly (fat chance). ^_^